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Ansible for IBM zSystems 101 and Hands-on Lab

  • 1.  Ansible for IBM zSystems 101 and Hands-on Lab

    Posted Thu August 31, 2023 01:17 PM
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    Thank you to all those who joined the session on Ansible for IBM zSystems 101 last week, and the hands-on labs this week!

    I hope the sessions were insightful and piqued your interest into the world of Ansible automation on IBM zSystems.

    In case you missed them, below are the three options for hands-on labs. They're all available any time.

    Hands-on Ansible Labs:

    Ansible on LinuxONE hands-on lab - recommended for those who want to try out Ansible for Linux on Z. Linux terminal skills recommended. For those wondering "is Linux on Z the same as on x86 or other architectures?"

    Red Hat's general Ansible hands-on labs - recommended for those who want to learn how to use Ansible generally, not specific to Z, and want a high polish, streamlined experience.

    Ansible for z/OS hands-on labs <- IBM and partners' link, public link to request access for non-IBMers or partners - recommended for those who want to get hands-on writing playbooks specifically for z/OS.

    So, why Ansible for IBM zSystems?

    1. Skills Transfer - Enable new people in the Z space to get started more quickly by using tools they're already familiar with. 

    2. Scalability - Write and setup playbooks once and then use them to automate thousands of systems all at once.

    3. Standardization - Bring Z into the fold of organization-wide automation tools that aren't limited by operating system or architecture.

    Contacts: - If you have any questions or would like to request a client briefing, proof of concept, or any other inquiries, please feel free to reach out via email. - Another great person to involve in Ansible for IBM zSystems engagements is Dan Jast - Senior Product Manager Ansible for z/OS.

    I've also attached the slides from the first week.

    Let's get automating!

    Jacob Emery


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