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AI and Machine Learning to better daily life

  • 1.  AI and Machine Learning to better daily life

    Posted Tue May 24, 2022 07:43 PM
    Hi every one.

    My name is Yaju Shrestha and I am one of the IBM zsystem ambassadors. One of the topics that I am getting into these days is AI and machine learning. I was wondering what different field we could use it in. Lets make a thread of different ideas on where we could use AI to better our lives.

    Let me go first:
    1. By training a machine learning model to recognize sign language we could make machines that help people communicate better.

    We could use the AI capability of our new z16 system to archive these goals and make them more easily available as well. 

    I you have any resources or ideas you want to share on this topic we can make a thread over here.

    Yaju Shrestha