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The latest enhancements in z/OSMF - 2019

By Yun Juan Yang posted Tue March 10, 2020 06:31 AM


z/OSMF enhancements in 4Q 2019:

  • z/OSMF Security Configuration Assistant is enhanced to support variable substitution and validation by user group with APAR PH17871.

  • z/OSMF Desktop is enhanced by APAR PH16076 to support searching, browsing and editing USS file and directory from the same place where user can do similar operation with data sets today. User can also submit data set or USS file as JCL and check job output directly from the z/OSMF desktop editor or search window.

  • z/OSMF Workflows tasks is enhanced to support creating workflow instance from workflow definition located in remote systems by APAR PH14185.

  • z/OSMF REST data set and file service is enhanced to support accessing data sets and files in remote system by APAR PH15263.

  • z/OSMF supports JSON Web Token (JWT) by returning JWT token during authentication and accepting JWT token for authorization of z/OSMF services by APAR PH12143.

  • z/OSMF Sysplex Management plugin is enhanced by PH15554 to allow users to create a new couple data set for several operations like set Primary CDS, switch Alternate CDS to Primary CDS, etc.

  • z/OSMF startup time is reduced by APAR PH19227 and PH06678.

z/OSMF V2R4 enhancements in 3Q 2019:

  • z/OSMF Lite configuration provides a new approach of z/OSMF configuration which allows user to bring up a minimum z/OSMF as quick as possible and then configure only for z/OSMF services that user require.

  • NEW Security Configuration Assistant task to simplify security configuration and validation. It starts with help z/OSMF security configuration by providing:

    • Automatic validation of security configuration by user.

    • Graphic views for validation result.

    • Filter by validation result, service enablement status, etc.

    • Description for each security requirement.

    • Support both RACF and non-RACF security products.

  • NEW z/OSMF Diagnostic Assistant task allows user to collect z/OSMF diagnostic data with one click.

  • z/OSMF Desktop is enhanced to provide a built-in VS Code Editor for data set.

  • Supports using certificate to logon to z/OSMF GUI.

z/OSMF enhancements in 1Q 2019:

Desktop new features enhancement

  • Enhances the z/OSMF Desktop user interface by:

    • Adding a search icon on the task bar which supports searching data sets.

    • Allowing user to open sequential or PDS/E data set from the search result for basic browsing and editing.

    • Allowing user to open multiple windows for browsing/editing data set or data set member.

    • Allowing user to delete a data set or a data set member.

    • Supporting user to send and save datasets/members as shortcuts to the desktop or a folder on the desktop.

  • User can directly open the data set or data set member via the shortcut on the desktop or in a desktop folder.

  • Update the z/OSMF desktop icons so that they can be colorful and more distinguishable from each other.

REST interfaces support swagger

z/OSMF utilizes API Discovery feature provided by z/OS Liberty server to find z/OS jobs REST API, data set and file REST API definition which follows the openapi-2.0 feature, in JSON format, and demonstrate them on a Swagger UI. After applying this APAR, user could visit Swagger UI at: https://<hostname>:<port>/ibm/api/explorer/ or https:// <hostname>:<port>/zosmf/api/explorer/

z/OSMF workflow enhancement

With the introduction of global variable group, users can specify a global variable group for a workflow instance. The workflow instance can only access the global variables under the same global variable group.
z/OSMF Workflows task is enhanced so that users can export workflow as printable format with cover, frontmatter, backmatter or back cover.