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Using AppDynamics with z/OS Connect EE

By Yun Han Li posted Tue August 11, 2020 01:53 AM

This blog was originally published on July 22, 2019, by Nigel Williams, IBM Systems Center Montpellier.

How do you track requests from a REST client application to z/OS Connect EE, and all the way through to the System of Record (SoR)?

AppDynamics is an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool that automatically discovers, maps, and visualizes business transactions as they are processed across multiple servers. The figure below shows how you can use AppDynamics to track API requests processed by z/OS Connect EE.


In this example, we see the Online banking application making API requests to a z/OS Connect EE server. We also see that the CICS Service Provider is being used to send requests to 4 CICS regions. We can monitor the number of requests and response times.

The tracking information that is being used in this example is coming from IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect (Z APM Connect). Z APM Connect provides transaction tracking information and resource monitoring metrics from a wide range of z/OS subsystems (including z/OS Connect EE) to APM solutions including AppDynamics and IBM Application Performance Management.

For more information on using AppDynamics with z/OS Connect EE see Transactional Visibility of z/OS Connect in AppDynamics.