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Check the hands-on lab for IBM Z System Automation policy customization

By Yue Gao posted Tue June 22, 2021 05:53 AM

IBM Z System Automation is a policy-based, self-healing, high-availability solution to optimize efficiency and availability of critical systems and applications. It is designed to reduce administrative and operational tasks; customization and programming effort; and automation implementation time and costs associated with Parallel Sysplex automation and policy-based automation.

One powerful and intelligent technique behind System Automation is the policy that controls how System Automation automates resources. Policies contain resource information, goal (either available or unavailable), relationships among resources, how to start, stop, and monitor resources, etc. And the best part is that best practice policies are provided with System Automation for CICS, Db2, IMS, and many other applications to simplify policy definitions.

To help you get started with System Automation, especially policy customization, we created an interactive, guided demo. It includes in-context instructions that guide you to define the policies to automate a new application, a CICS region in this example that leverages the CICS best practice policy. In this demo, you can navigate the policy editor called Customization Dialog and define policies as if you are in an actual IBM Z System Automation environment.

Through this demo, you can learn:
  • How to invoke the Customization Dialog.
  • How to navigate the Customization Dialog.
  • How to define APLs and inherit policy definitions from APL classes.
  • How to define APGs.
  • How to define individual policies, like startup/shutdown commands, messages, relationship etc.
  • How to build the policy database.