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Terminal Talk Podcast: Do not pass up Go!

By Yuan Jie Song posted Fri May 20, 2022 12:07 AM

The Go language has emerged as a leading language for server-side and cloud applications, DevOps automation tools, and so much more. According to OSSInsight.io, Go has become the most popular open-source programming language, followed by Node and TypeScript. With Go's ecosystem brought into z/OS, IBM zSystems clients are able to take advantage of this enormously popular and growing technology to power digital transformation. Bill O'Farrell and James Tang are here to walk you through all the questions you never knew you had about the Go language!

Check out the latest Terminal Talk Podcast featuring the popular Go language and its powerful framework on z/OS: https://www.terminaltalk.net/e/bill-o-farrell-and-james-tang-do-not-pass-up-go/. You will hear a deep-dive discussion on the following hot and relevant topics on Go:

- Why Go is popular among all programming languages
- Go module - a special package manager entity
- Endianness-free porting capability
- Cloud-native nature in Go
- zosrecordio for accessing VSAM databases

and more! Do not pass up on this Podcast and enjoy your time learning more about Go.

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