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What's new in IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.17

By Yuan Jie Song posted Fri December 03, 2021 08:55 AM

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.17 is now available! Except for numerous additional improvements and bug fixes, this release also has some key new features.
Open-source community features
IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.17 brings significant features from the open-source community:
  • Lazy module loading is supported to avoid processing irrelevant dependencies.
  • New functions for safer pointer arithmetic are introduced.
For other language enhancements, see the Go 1.17 community announcement blog.

Access to VSAM data sets
Direct access to the VSAM data set type without cgo is supported. The usage and demonstrations are available at Accessing VSAM databases directly from Go. You can also check the demo video for this feature. 

Visit the IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.17 Documentation for more technical details. A PDF version of the document is also available for download. If you want to try the PAX edition for free, you can download it here.

For any comment regarding the Open Enterprise SDK for Go content, please send it to compinfo@cn.ibm.com.