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IBM wants to hear from you!


Build micro services on zSystems? Check. ✅

Connect your web app to secured data on z/OS? We gotcha. ✅

Build new features into your mature z/OS business applications? Yes. ✅

You can do these and many more cool things on zSystems using open source technologies! 

Did you know that IBM is a supporter of open source projects since the '90s? In fact, you can run applications on the zSystems platform written in popular open source programming languages!

IBM is continuing to invest in this space and would like to hear from you! Share how you are currently using open source languages and what your needs are:

To thank you for your time and participation, you will receive an invitation to a presentation of the survey results if you opt in for it.

If you have any questions about this survey, reach out to the IBM team at

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