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Get tired of going to different tools to look for the causes respectively and then communicate the status with others through telephones and emails back and forth when ever there is an incident? Want to break the silos between different tools and teams, reduce the time to solve a problem and improve operation efficiency? Check out what ChatOps can do to help with that!

IBM Z ChatOps provides ChatOps capabilities for your IBM Z environment. It includes a chatbot that gives users access to information from Z systems management tools such as IBM Z System Automation, IBM Z NetView, and IBM OMEGAMON within popular collaboration platforms like Slack, Mattermost or Microsoft Teams.

You can use IBM Z ChatOps to notify the operations team in the chat tool about IBM Z events, including recommendations that are powered by machine learning, to help isolate and resolve problems quickly.

Watch the video to learn more about what and how ChatOps can help you!

For more information about Z ChatOps, see our documentation: