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What's NEW for z/OSMF REST APIs

By XIAO ZHEN ZHU posted Tue January 18, 2022 10:36 PM


z/OSMF is committed to simplify z/OS management. One of the major aspects is to simplify the way to drive (typically programmatically) z/OS operations. z/OSMF’s approach is REST APIs. Regarding to why it’s REST APIs, please refer to our earlier blog in IBM Community. RESTful API is now very popular as one of the major API formats. z/OSMF has been providing REST APIs since beginning. Today, there are many customers are running critical process on top of z/OSMF REST APIs. See what our customer said about leveraging z/OSMF REST APIs which was published in


z/OSMF has been doing continuous delivery for long time. In 2021, z/OSMF continuously enlarged its portfolio of REST APIs. The latest enhancements include:

  • NEW REST API to retrieve DFSMS Data Class and Storage Class information (APAR PH40099 for z/OS V2R4 and above)
  • NEW REST API to retrieve SYSLOG messages based on timestamp and direction (APAR PH38968 for z/OS V2R4 and above). This is an addition to previous OPERLOG API.
  • NEW REST API to retrieve run time value of System Symbols (APAR PH41196 for z/OS V2R4 and above)
  • NEW REST API to work with Sysplex CFRM policy data such as copying, renaming, deleting and activating policies. (APAR PH39685 for z/OS V2R4 and above).
  • Enhanced z/OS data set and file API to support specifying account number for purpose like charging and handling sepcial international characters in the name of data set or USS file. (APAR PH39690 for z/OS V2R4 and above)
  • NEW REST API to support changing z/OS password (APAR PH34912 for z/OS V2R4 and above).
  • NEW REST API allows user to issue TSO command with one single call. Previously, to issue TSO command through z/OSMF REST API, user has to call several REST APIs and manage the life cycle of TSO address space. This new REST API simplifies the process and only requires one stateless call. (APAR PH35244 for z/OS V2R4 and above)
  • NEW REST API to retrieve information of Storage Groups and Volumes (PH40837 for z/OS V2R4 and V2R5)


Wants to learn more about z/OSMF RESTful APIs? Please check out z/OSMF Programming Guide which documents all the RESTful APIs supported by z/OSMF. If you have z/OSMF running and enabled Swagger support (also a.k.a. Open API Specification) (For how to enable Swagger support, please refer to z/OSMF Configuration Guide), you can also access document of z/OSMF REST APIs or even try them by connecting to https://yourzosmfhost:port/zosmf/api/explorer/.


Wants to learn how to write a program to call z/OSMF RESTful API? Please check out “IBM z/OS Management Facility” trial on IBM Z Trail Program.

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