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MTM 2019 - How to get more than two ISPF screens

By William Downie posted Thu April 02, 2020 10:19 AM

As you know you can set up two ISPF screens, using the SPLIT command (PF2) to start a second screen and the SWAP command (PF9) to switch between these. What you may not know about is you can set up more than these two screens.

Input START and hit enter. This will start a third ISPF screen, enter START again and a fourth ISPF screen will start. To list the screens avaiable input "SWAP LIST" and hit enter:

You can jump to any of these by put an "S" against the screen number ID and hit enter.

Another way of doing this is PF3 out of this and input "SWAPBAR" and hit enter. This will display the available screens at the bottom of the screen:

Note, that one has a "-" prefix and one has a "*" prefix. These are the two that the SWAP (PF9) will toggle between.

Another way to jump to a screen is to put the cursor over the screen name and hit enter. And, a further way is to point mouse at screen name and double click.

The SWAP command has a screen number parameter that can be used to swap screen, "SWAP 4" will jump to screen four.

What I find handy is to assign "SWAP x" to a PF key. I can then hit a PF key to take me to a screen. To do this input "KEYS" and hit enter. I have set up three screens and assigned PF13, PF14 and PF15 as "SWAP 1", "SWAP 2" and "SWAP 3":
To get full benefit of this the PF keys need to be set up on each application.