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IBM Z Performance: Business Continuity Performance with Banking Services from SAP® - White Paper


The SAP on IBM Z team in Poughkeepsie NY has just completed a publication regarding Business Continuity Performance with Banking Services from SAP®.


This study documents system recovery performance with different failure scenarios with SAP software on IBM Z. Business continuity of an SAP production system is a critical business factor. IBM Z is well-known as a business operation platform with high reliability and high availability. A right-configured IBM Z environment eliminates single points of failure which can avoid unplanned outages. It also allows for planned administrative or maintenance work without causing disruptions in service.


Continuous business operations require a set of best practices and guidelines for system configuration. The goals are to eliminate outages and to minimize the effects of unplanned outages by recovering as quickly as possible in the rare event of a failure. In this paper, we focus on the recovery performance of a subset of possible outage scenarios.


Here is the link to the publication: