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Register today for this special webcast "SAP and IBM Power strategy - an outlook for IBM Z clients"


At customer request from a prior webcast, we will discuss the future outlook for System Z customers running SAP workload. 
As we always try to do in this webcast series, we will strive to provide a realistic technical approach.

After changing the deadlines twice already, SAP currently says they will provide Business Suite support through the end of 2027, with extended maintenance through the end of 2030, yet many customers have still not started the S/4HANA journey.
Whether you have started or not, there are several options around deploying S/4HANA when coming from SAP on System Z that customers and partners should be aware of. Whether you want to continue on-premises or move to a public or private cloud, or to take advantage of one of the “RISE with SAP” offerings, we hope to help you understand the differences between the options that may be important to your company.
These would include things like operational responsibilities, licensing, system availability, customisation opportunities and connectivity back to your System Z to name a few.

This session is not intended as a SAP on HANA on Power sales event and rather tries to lay out technical viable options and implications for our customers so that they can make more meaningful deciscions for their future SAP solution stacks.
As usual, questions are welcome during the session and at its end. Some general Q&A time is also reserved at the end of the webcast for whatever else you may have in mind, and for your suggestions about possible topics for future webcasts. 

The webcast is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 19th , 2023, at 4 pm CEST, 10 am EDT, or 7:30 pm IST. Please visit the website at to see the full agenda and register for the webcast. 
In reply, you will receive a calendar entry to your e-mail address with all the information that you need to join the webcast.

The recording and slide deck of the webcast will be made available for registered participants. We look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have!