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In case you missed it: think Summit 2019 in Brussels

By Viktor Albakov posted Wed October 16, 2019 10:00 AM


Would you like your life to be predictable? Or do you prefer the excitement of the unknown?

We humans must have both certainty as well as uncertainty. But as with everything, you want to have this in balance: too much predictability will lead to boredom, while too much uncertainty will create fear. For some things in life we simply require certainty and reliability. This is especially the case for your IT infrastructure and business critical applications. You want a server that excels in this? You guessed it.. the IBM Z. Built on literally decades of R&D and expertise, it is an enterprise grade system that is pervasive in the functioning of our society. Although discrete and not often seen, it drives the financial industry, retail, manufacturing, governments, research institutions, healthcare and more.

Part of that success is the knowhow and expertise of how to leverage technology, cherishing the traditional while also embracing the open source. A good opportunity to discover all of that was the recent IBM think Summit in Brussels, which was held October 11. It was a full day of networking and learning about subjects of cloud, security and AI. Not only was there the traditional IBM Z content – also hot topics such as machine and deep learning, the DevOps culture, the open source, blockchain, supercomputers, and the future of quantum computing were presented.

The main message for me was that IBM is reinventing itself once again with its newest IBM z15 and LinuxONE III. It is embracing future technologies and the open source, while still maintaining its competitive edge on subjects such as security, resiliency, and performance. Because the current and future reality is a multicloud world where new technologies based on artificial intelligence, blockchain, containers, DevSecOps, and quantum computing are emerging.

If you haven’t had the chance to be there, here are a couple of my snapshots of this day.