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By Vikrant Panjiyar posted Wed October 27, 2021 08:08 AM


In this advanced era, technology has come so far that it is impossible to turn back. We are totally dependent on it. Technology has both negative as well as positive impacts on the environment and society.

I think Technology is affecting SDG 13 (Climate action) greatly and technology itself is the last hope to control it.

Everyone knows the positive side of technology as no work is done without it.

Negative ones are emissions of harmful gases due to different scientific and engineering acts. Automobiles, factories, industries are emitting very harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. Plastic pollution is also one of the problems which cannot be prevented. Every single device and type of equipment is made up of plastics. It causes the earth's heat not to escape from the atmosphere and degrade the ozone layer as well. As a result temperature of the earth's surface is increasing and causing global warming. Icebergs are melting, the temperature is not normal in any season and natural ecosystems are disturbed causing climate change.

Scientists and researchers are trying hard to find alternative ways of energy and use renewable sources of energy to control emissions of harmful gases in the atmosphere and prevent Global Warming. But still, renewable sources of energy are not conventional. They cannot fulfill the high demands of people at a low price. So it is necessary to use technology and find ways to use renewable energy in a conventional way. The best example is TESLA. Tesla car company has evolved so well that its electric cars are powerful as other diesel cars. This is the result of advanced technology in battery design which made it possible for cars to produce the same amount of power as fuel diesel cars.

The advancement in technology can control air pollution as well as there are now devices been made that can absorb CO2 from air to some extent. So, in the same way, technology can help to find alternate sources of energy, control global warming, and prevent climate change.