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Introducing IBM Container Hosting Foundation for zOS: New pricing option for z/OS Container Extensions

By Travis Biro posted 30 days ago

If your business is interested in enabling z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) with minimum upfront cost IBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS (5655-HZ1) is the newest addition to the Containers enablement toolkit available on z/OS. As a monthly license charge alternative to hardware feature code 0104 IBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS offers an attractive option to enable container extensions in a z/OS environment. Clients can now choose how and when to allocate resources to containerization by taking advantage of the solution that best fits their business needs.

Businesses running z/OS 2.4 or newer on z14 or z15 hardware can enable zCX with the flexibility of either a one-time charge hardware feature code or Container Hosting Foundation as an MLC option. The hardware feature code enables multiple offerings across the entire CPC (ie: Virtual IDAA, Hyperprotect Virtual Server, etc...) while IBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS enables z/OS Container Extensions docker appliance exclusively across the entire CPC.

Enabling zOS Container Extensions allows clients to expand their z/OS Software ecosystem by integrating the z/OS operational model, transparently inheriting QoS and co-location for Linux software like non-SQL databases within z/OS without compromising on performance and security. 

Clients can also take advantage of streamlined systems management, unburdening operations and dependency management and allowing for a central database of management products. For example IBM Service Management Unite Suite V1.6 (PID 5698-AAF) is available as a docker image for use with zCX today.

On top of all that the enablement of zCX through IBM Container Hosting Foundation for z/OS fortifies DevOps on the platform, attracting new talent and exploiting cutting edge development tooling, improving quality and time to market. 

z/OS clients looking to bring Container Extensions to the platform with the least amount of upfront cost will appreciate the flexibility of Container Hosting Foundation. Not only are monthly and annual costs easier to estimate and account for but financial flexibility allows customers to better manage their expenses and keep their resources working for them. 

Enablement requires PTF OA60823 for zCX as well as PTF OA60919 for SCRT. 


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