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Introducing the Certified IBM z/OSMF Ansible Automation Hub Collection

By Travis Biro posted Mon May 10, 2021 09:53 AM


After resounding customer reception in Ansible Galaxy, we are excited to announce the certification of the IBM z/OSMF Ansible Collection, which includes support for driving z/OSMF Workflow operations as well as Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS (CP&M) function. Combining the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform with z/OSMF, IBM Z users will be able to leverage their existing z/OSMF assets to orchestrate configuration management, application deployment and provisioning IT tasks on z/OS seamlessly across the enterprise.  The ibm_zosmf collection enables Ansible users to have a consistent framework for cross enterprise automation lead by the flexibility to drive Workflow and CP&M functions. 

The IBM z/OSMF Ansible collection is built to align customers with the strategic opportunities available in the existing Ansible Automation Hub and will be available as part of IBM's Red Hat Ansible certified content for IBM Z offering, along with any future modules brought forward from Galaxy. Galaxy content will remain available, however IBM recommends customers pursue certified content as they transition into production. IBM is committed to Red Hat Ansible certified content for IBM Z by continuing to provide the foundational building blocks for building and operating automation. If there are capabilities you'd like to see included in the certified IBM z/OSMF collection,  we encourage you to reach out directly to the authors or go to the respective collection's Github repository to request feature enhancements. 

Workflows Function

IBM z/OSMF workflow is a guided set of steps that help you streamline and perform tasks on z/OS, such as software configuration, provisioning resources, or complex system changes with a focus on simplification and system management. This collection gives you the ability to compare, run, delete and check the status of any z/OSMF workflow instance directly from Ansible. A list of available workflow templates and samples are available in The Open Mainframe Project's Z Open Repository Of Workflows (ZOROW) which covers a wide range of z/OS operations. 

Cloud Provisioning & Management Function

IBM z/OSMF includes a Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS function that enables the provisioning and management of z/OS software from Ansible.  The collection includes Ansible roles that can be used to drive the provisioning and management of of z/OS software such as CICS, Db2, MQ, IMS, WLP, z/OS Connect and other z/OS services that are published in the z/OSMF software services catalog.  Additionally, there are three roles provided to interact with Cloud Provisioning & Management (CP&M). These roles drive z/OSMF RESTful services provided by CP&M to provision, manage and de-provision the software services. 

Join The Discussion

Designed from the operating system up, customers can utilize z/OSMF (typically 1 z/OSMF per sysplex) with no need to install additional tools or frameworks.  The certified Ansible content hosted in the ibm_zosmf collection is built to cater to enterprise customer needs for modernization and enablement. If you would like to be a part of our collaborative development process, we invite you to reach out to the authors and be a part of our customer engagement strategy.

Get started with the new ibm_zosmf certified content on Ansible Automation Hub:

(Note: users will need a Red Hat account to access this content. To view the collection in Ansible Galaxy go here: )

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