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Technology Transition

By Tixa Patel posted Thu October 14, 2021 05:59 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am Tixa Patel. I am pursuing Master of Applied Computing at the University of Windsor, Canada and the most exciting thing in my life is that I am an IBM Z Ambassador ( 1 of 150 in the world) as it is a big achievement for me. I am an enthusiastic and social person who loves to take up new challenges and learn new abilities. I like meeting new teams, people, exchanging ideas, and spreading knowledge and positivity.

I've always been fascinated by how mobile phones and computers are used, how they work, how an application responds differently when a user inputs a new value, and how they make our lives easier. As a result, I decided to pursue a computer science and information technology degree as I am more curious about these things.

I'm interested in software development such as frontend ( React JS )and backend ( MongoDB ) or full stack development. I am currently working on Agent based modelling project of Applied Artificial Intelligence and I'm fascinated by Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms. I enjoy solving issues and contributing to open source, and I consider myself to be a lifelong learning student because there is always more to learn, explore, understand and implement. I am constantly open to new ideas and never turn down the opportunity to try anything new.

IMB Z is the most recent and intriguing possibility that has presented itself to me. I'm really interested in learning about corporate computing since it will teach me one of the most underappreciated and sought-after talents. It also enables me to understand how to properly outsource and employ these strong Z resources; as a result, I learn as much as possible. I'm very interested in learning more about IBM Z technology and putting them into practice.

Aside from my technical skills, I am an artist who makes one best out of waste. I also made creative posters and videos for campus technical events and projects. I am always ready to learn and I am so happy to be part of amazing IBM Family.

 Have a great day !!!

Tixa Patel ( LinkedIn )
IBM Z Ambassador 2021