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Mission Possible by Tixa Patel - IBM Z Ambassador

By Tixa Patel posted 18 days ago

Technology makes the change fast and helpful to society for better improvement. Education, innovation, energy and water resources, gender equalities and many more as all these are essential factors to be work upon for sustainable development. Nowadays, it is far better than previous in multiple sectors such as science, healthcare, agriculture and so on, just because of technological instruments and concepts. Women and girls have more opportunities in front of them in every sector especially technology-based fields like computer science, information technology, security and so on. I feel that gender equality has been achieved in the society because of digitalization and automation.
In addition to this, there are events related to women empowerment such as hackathons, tech talks to increase the gender equality to make it more balanced country. 

I want to make an impact at the macro level with small steps one by one planning approach. First of all, I want to introduce myself that I am a software developer and engineer, and full stack developer so I always try to implement theoretical and practical approaches of my field to maintain resources and also for the improvement of a society. Along with this, I have past volunteering experience as I love to help people, and teaching is my hobby so I like to provide free education and training to students. So first step I want to take is to start sharing good ideas and manners with friends and people surrounding me for the betterment of the society. Sometimes, I faced some challenges to make this changes in the society as conflict opinions, support and agreement for positive change then also I tried to implement these good and positive changes in my life. Moreover, I want to make positive change in other life also by helping and guiding them in better way through inspirational articles, posts and stories.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Have a nice day!

Tixa Patel  ( IBM Z Ambassador 2021 )