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Integrate IBM Z for End-toEnd Hybrid Application Observability

By Tim Brooks posted Mon April 12, 2021 01:50 PM


Any AIOps adoption effort that proceeds without the mainframe is incomplete. Why? Today the mainframe (IBM Z) is used by 71% of Fortune 500 companies, handles 90% of all credit card transactions and runs some of the worlds most mission critical applications because of the platform’s inherent benefits of scale, speed, security and resiliency. To take advantage of the promises of AIOps you need to take a holistic approach, which includes IBM Z. This involves the aggregation and correlation of anomalies, subsystem situations and end-to-end transaction tracing – from mobile to mainframe.

The growing complexity of hybrid applications and the evolution of platforms has required IT organizations to re-think their monitoring strategies and turn towards Observability.


Gartner defines Observability as:


“A property, rather than a process, which is true when enough instrumentation is available about the internal state of a system to identify the cause of an anomaly or malfunction even when such a malfunction has never before taken place. Tools cannot provide observability, but they may facilitate it.”


This is a fundamental change in how we have previously approached traditional monitoring solutions. Gartner defines Monitoring as:


“An active process involved with collecting instrumentation that identifies when something is broken and the mechanisms used to notify support staff that corrective action needs to be taken.”


This definition is limited in the sense that it infers a passive or reactive approach when in reality IT Ops teams are facilitating a variety of actions such as capacity planning, anomaly detection, event management, incident response, problem resolution and postmortem analysis – to name a few. And the importance of these monitoring tools and practices cannot be understated as the majority of the data from traditional monitoring tools or processes underpin Observability or AIOps initiatives.


Organizations that are building, or are planning to build, modern hybrid applications need to adopt a strategy for dealing with its associated complexity. This is why IBM Z has been working to integrate their platform specific tooling into leading Observability and AIOps solutions such as Instana and IBM's Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

Join me at the IBM Digital Developer AIOps and Integrations Conference on April 20th (Track 3 – Operate, Session Title: Integrate Z for End-to-End Enterprise Application Observability) where I will highlight some of the amazing work the IBM Z and Cloud and Cognitive teams are doing to ensure that you maximize the potential impact of your Observability and AIOps enterprise initiatives – inclusive of IBM Z.