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AIOps Assessment for IBM Z - Identify Next Steps for Your Journey

What steps are you taking today to advance your organizations journey to AIOps? To answer this question in a prescriptive and action oriented way requires that you not only consider your current stage of AIOps maturity, but also your business objectives.  

IBM has developed a 15 minute online survey to help IBM Z clients assess their current stage of AIOps maturity. The assessment follows the same format as IBM's AIOps Framework and can identify a client's strengths and opportunities for improvement as it relates to their adoption of AIOps best practices.

Watch the 4 min AIOps Assessment Overview Video HERE

The survey is modular in design and covers the different AIOps capability areas of Detect, Decide and Act. A client can choose to assess one or more of these capability areas. But you will want to coordinate with your IBM representative to ensure you identify the appropriate people within your organization who can respond the most accurately to the set of questions related to each of the capability areas being assessed.

Following completion of the survey, IBM will produce a report that shows how you rank against the industry best practices and present you with unique recommendations for next steps you can take to accelerate your journey to AIOps. 

Reach out to your IBM representative to qualify for the AIOps Assessment for IBM Z today!