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What’s new in IBM Cloud Tape Connector PTF UI91712


The IBM Could Tape Connector APAR PH53571 (PTF UI91712) enables the display of zIIP usage statistics for transfer activities to/from Cloud. Depending on the type of workload, Cloud Tape Connector will display a message with the id 'CUZ0100I' in the CTC STC/sys log/job log.

The Message will provide the following information:

  • zIIP time
  • CPU time
  • Dataset name
  • If the transfer was an upload/restore
  • Any non-zIIP eligible workloads that could not be offloaded to zIIPs 

As a result, this message will help users understand what percentage of the workload is being offloaded to zIIP so they can plan for better utilization of their zIIP processor. 

Below is an example of the CUZ0100I messages:


Product page: link
User Guide: Link