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What’s new in IBM Cloud Tape Connector PTF UI91304

The IBM Could Tape Connector APAR PH53671 (PTF UI91304) provides new "enable fast upload" feature which automatically determines if a volser mount request was read-only and bypasses re-vaulting the volser again to the cloud.
When Virtual Tape Emulation (VTE) moves a virtual tape to a remote off-site storage location on the Cloud using Type5 e-Vault/type3, the virtual tape dataset is sent to a remote off-site storage location on Cloud managed by Cloud Tape Connector (CTC). CTC VTE supports the automatic download of a volser if it is requested for a mount after it has been uploaded. VTE does not delete the copy of the volser in the remote off-site storage location on Cloud after download.
After processing the restore, if the VTE or the user re-vaults the same volser, the VTE determines whether the mount was read-only or if there are updates in the volume.
  • If there are no changes in the volser, the VTE enables fast upload. Fast upload is achieved by bypassing the overhead of re-vaulting the volser and marking it as vaulted without incurring the upload overhead a second time.
  • If there are changes in the volser, then VTE would do the vaulting and upload the latest copy to the offsite storage location/cloud.
  • In the case of a Scratch request, VTE will delete both the local and remote copy (if it exists).


Product page: link
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