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What’s new in IBM Cloud Tape Connector PTF UI83888


The IBM Could Tape Connector APAR PH51277 (UI83888) provides a new Mass Delete feature that enables users to delete datasets from cloud servers in bulk by running a simple batch job. It supports wildcard characters, which allows the user to delete datasets with a similar High/Low-level qualifier. The user can define the selection criteria using the Include/Exclude statements, based on their business requirements.

Sample Batch Delete Job:

User decides the list of datasets that needs to be deleted from cloud and supplies them in the INCLUDE card (can be full dataset names or wildcard characters) of the job:

  • Full Dataset Names – MYDSN.TEST.DELETE
  • Wildcard characters – MYDSN.*.*    [Any dataset that has the HLQ as MYDSN]
  • Wildcard characters – *.*.DSN [Any dataset that has the LLQ as DSN]

    User can also define a list of datasets that needs to be retained in CLOUD and refrained from being deleted by specifying those in the EXCLUDE card of the job.
    User can also elect to delete the datasets directly by specifying ‘PARM=RUN’ or generate a report that lists the datasets that will be deleted by specifying ‘PARM=NORUN’.





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