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IBM Z Enterprise Knights Days Conference 2022

By Sneha Kanaujia posted Thu January 13, 2022 01:46 PM


Greetings, this is your security simplification bot, err I mean, z/OS Security Product Manager, Sneha Kanaujia! In case you’re looking for some engaging & gamified Security & Resiliency education on IBM Z, look no further than our 2nd annual, free & virtual Enterprise Knights Days conference! It will be held Jan 31st through Feb 3rd from 9am to 12pm EST. Enjoy twenty new Enterprise Knights Insights presentations, 3 Security Guru Game Shows, and our Resilient Z! Escape experience. Interact with a different Security SME “Ask-Me-Anything” Panel each day, and compete in our lighthearted, custom-built MUSE CUES card game. Learn about some of the latest Security & Resiliency technologies on the platform, and have fun along the way. View our speaker schedule & preregister today at