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Welcome one and all to the Enterprise Knights of IBM Z User Group! My name is Sneha Kanaujia and I'm the new Associate Product Manager for z/OS Security at IBM. I joined IBM last summer, in the midst of the global pandemic, after completing two summer internships with the RACF team. In my new role, I quickly found that there is a lot to learn when it comes to security on the z/OS platform. Since joining, I've been making the journey to develop my skills and knowledge with a goal of paving better avenues for others to learn as well. In the spirit of sharing knowledge, at the beginning of 2021, we kicked off our very first Enterprise Knights Days virtual conference, and hosted it in two different time zones! Each day of the conference I co-hosted and facilitated the all-virtual Secure Z! Escape Room experience with a number of unique puzzles, and the Security Guru game show where we covered a variety of topics introduced by our cyber security SMEs. It was a really fun and engaging experience, and from that fantastic content, we’ve been building up our digital assets in this Enterprise Knights of IBM Z User Group.

Since the conference at the beginning of the year I've had the chance to work on a number of exciting projects. One was the new all-virtual Resilient Z! Escape Room experience featuring Cyber Vault & GDPS technology which we presented at THINK 2021, you can find more information on Cyber Vault & GDPS from Dave Clitherow's deck in our library.

Additionally, I’ve been helping to develop our “M.U.S.E. CUES” online card game. Most recently, I’ve been co-creating some upcoming enhancements which will integrate the videos & blogs with cards, have in-game challenges, as well as client-requested leaderboards! I'm really looking forward to showcasing all the fun gamified education materials my peers and I have been creating this year.

I'm also honored and excited to introduce our new "Thwarted by IBM Z!" video and blog series, where we'll be emphasizing the theme of risk identification and mitigation. Risk is not limited to technical nuts and bolts, rather it is an essential business management topic and is what sets the framework for security discussions. Everyone plays a role in the security and resiliency of their enterprise and this series serves to increase awareness via a variety of topics. Each week we plan to post a fun video, hosted by our MC, Mike Kelly, and an informative blog by one of our esteemed SMEs, who will cover a certain area of security. It’s a fun line up and I can hardly wait to hear what they all have to say! I hope you'll return each week. Stay tuned for more!