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Knight-Errant Knowledge Badge

By Sneha Kanaujia posted Thu June 03, 2021 02:10 PM


Knight-Errant Knowledge Badge

Our original set of Enterprise Knights videos, launched back in 2017, have been relocated to the IBM Media Center, with a fully automated quiz now available at IBM Training to qualify for the Knight-Errant Knowledge badge.  Enjoy this collection of system integrity topics, security component overviews, and encryption concepts covered in this introductory series.

IBM Z Security Portal

Common Vulnerability Scoring System

Three Properties of Authorization


Untrusted Registers of PC and SVC Target Routines

Untrusted Indirect Parameters

Authorized QNames

Control Block Masquerade

Buffer Overflow





Symmetric Key Encryption

Asymmetric Key Encryption


System SSL

TLS/SSL Cipher Lists



Digital Certificates


Pervasive Encryption

Pervasive Encryption Pyramid

TSO Password Preprompt

Security Intelligence

Earn the Enterprise Knight-Errant Knowledge badge by achieving at least 80% correct on the exam found here.

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