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Enterprise Knights Days

By Sneha Kanaujia posted Thu March 04, 2021 10:56 AM

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Thank you very much to everyone who participated in our first ever Enterprise Knights Days conference, hosted in two different time zones this quarter!

During this conference we started each day off with a challenge or two of the Secure Z Escape Room. We covered a variety of topics relating to the “M.U.S.E.” categories: (M)anaging Access and Logging, (U)ser Authentication and Analytics, (S)ystem Integrity and Availability, and (E)ncryption and Data Privacy. We had SME Lightning Talks, Security Guru Game Shows, and Ask-Me-Anything sessions with these SMEs. And along the way, we shared collectible customized cards from our new cyber security & resiliency card game, M.U.S.E. CUES!

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Download the lightning talk decks that were presented by renowned industry experts on IBM Z Security during our IBM Z Enterprise Knights Days Event.