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My career path to Mainframe


Hello everyone,

I'm Shreya from Mumbai, India. Having an elder sister working in the IT sector, I was always intrigued and curious by the work that she did and her digital creations which inspired me to pursue my career in IT. My first brush with this sector happened when I was picked by a huge MNC from my college’s campus placement drive in 2016 after my graduation (B.Tech) from Mumbai University.

During my time in the said MNC, I got introduced to various mainframe technologies like JCL, COBOL, CICS and DB2 and gradually stepped up my expertise by working on various challenging projects. Reminiscing about my term there, I distinctly remember a project in which I was involved for 2 years where I was extensively involved in coding COBOL programs and JCLs for batch processing and writing Easytrieve programs for different report generations. This gave me the foundation for further venturing into complex projects in mainframe.

Shortly after, began my journey in CGI, where I could capitalize on my expertise and experience in mainframe and work on projects where I worked on technologies like COBOL, CICS, SAS, JCL and VSAM. I was also extensively involved in understanding and solving client issues and mainframe testing. Then came along the opportunity afforded to me by CGI to upskill to java and related technologies such as Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Restful API, Database (Oracle and MS SQL) and Cloud Technologies (Docker, Kubernetes) that were pivotal for me to work on a company owned product (a decision making tool for various activities ranging from making consumer loans to managing customer interactions) written on IBM Mainframes with Dojo as the front end.

I hope to keep gathering expertise in the technologies that would enable me to contribute to projects and products on a larger scale helping me and the organization to grow together.

Shreya Badiani


Fri May 26, 2023 03:26 PM

Great story, Shreya.  Thank you for sharing!