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By Sherri Hanna posted 30 days ago


Happy Autumn 2021!


I love the change of seasons, and personally, when the seasons transition, I map out personal and professional change. Autumn usually involves exploring and improving my skills – a kind of back to class now that summer is over.


If you are a z/OS developer, you will want to register for our fall series, z/OS Developer’s Playbook,  to learn about all the options you have to code, debug, test and deploy your z/OS applications.  Whether your applications are on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid cloud multi-platform, you will find something of interest here.  Five sessions are available (both live and on demand) to learn about ways to help you be more productive and make your job easier.  The sessions are listed below





Aug 25

Cloud native DevOps for hybrid cloud application development with IBM Z


Sept 1

Maximize velocity, quality and efficiency with an advanced development toolset for z/OS.


Sept 28

Need help with the approaching COBOL migration deadline?


Nov 3

Is bug free code possible? Maybe with Debug and Code Coverage


Dec 1

How can you automate and shift-left testing for enterprise hybrid apps? Three business use cases with IBM Z




According to the 2021 BMC Mainframe Survey, 92% of respondents state “the mainframe is a platform of long-term growth and new workloads”. There has never been a more exciting time to be a mainframe developer!  In a 2019 interview, Warren Buffett said: "By far the best investment you can make is in yourself”.  Take this opportunity to invest in your skills and be ready to drive innovation on the platform that handles all the hard problems of the world. 


Carpe diem!