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TS7770 - Continuous Innovation Behind IBM Z

By Shawn Brume posted Tue May 05, 2020 09:00 AM


Continuous innovation behind IBM Z accelerates client’s evolving needs in storage.
TS7770_3_view.pngThe IBM Z Virtual Tape Library (VTL) has continuously delivered performance, scale, availability and data protection. Serving as the industry’s leading critical data storage infrastructure behind IBM mainframes for more than 2 decades, the IBM VTL is present in the world’s largest and most complex mainframe environments.  As cloud continues to become more of a focus across all platforms, the IBM #TS7770 has embraced IBMs chapter 2 hybrid cloud infrastructure to provide a roadmap of unparalleled capabilities. Expanding the platform, deepening security and integration and morphing traditional operations to a hybrid cloud infrastructure.


Expanding the Cloud journey behind IBM Z

 IBM TS7770’s integrated development with the IBM Z platform and #DS8000 is rapidly expanding the use cases behind IBM Z, while reducing the overall cost of HSM operations.  IBM TS7770 is now a target for DS8800 Object Storage offload.  The announcement of IBM’s intention to support both compression and encryption of the object storage data not only reduces consumption of MiPS by the host for HSM, it also reduces storage and data transfer requirements. 

Data tiering has long been integrated in to the VTL operations.  The TS7770 embraces data offload to secure clouds, both on-premises and off-premises. And can manage up to 100PB tiering to tape or Cloud storage.

Why Both?  The answer is simple, economics.  The economics of performance, storage and management dictate the solution.  Cloud is perfect for a second or third copy of data that is geographically isolated. However, performance of retrieving data is limited to the established SLA of the telco vendor or infrastructure.  Tape offers the lowest cost storage for archive data, and also offers significant performance when recalling massive numbers of files. Hybrid cloud is a journey, not a destination.  The TS7770 is the most effective way to make the journey behind IBM Z.


SecOps made Simple

 As we are all aware, SecOPS is no fad, it is about designing in security to all products. IBM Z is the heavy weight in secure capability.  Pervasive encryption, including Hyper Protect Virtual Servers are offered in a cloud-scale platform. SecOPS is not limited to the upper level IBM Z cryptographic powerhouse, it extends in to the operational, HSM and Archive data storage. As infrastructure is more shared across Clouds, controlling operations in storage is critical.  TS7700 continues to offer enhance capability in encryption at rest, secure data transfer between clusters and significant logging.  Now TS7700 offers more control over secure infrastructure by allowing deeper security management of infrastructure through dual authentication for critical functions.  This ensures that no 1 person or authorization can make these critical changes when enabled. Enhanced security that support SecOPS across the IBM Z ecosystem.


Innovation for IBM Z as a Service Providers

IaaS and DRaaS are simple concepts, yet they can be complex when trying to meet the requirements of a demanding set of clients.  Some clients require isolated hardware, while others are fully accepting of secure multi-tenancy in an authenticated system like TS7770.  This complexity often drives a requirement for new solutions.   TS7770 is now offered in a Client Supplied Rack configuration.  Offering scalability from 18U – 20TB storage to 789TB uncompressed data in a single frame.  This enables smaller installations to be installed in a single rack, while sharing the space with client hardware.  The design also enables Grid-in-a-Box, where 2 Clusters exist in a single frame that supports business continuity and tiered storage of up to 100PB of data. Smaller IBM Z clients also benefit from the ability to reduce the vertical space required for TS7770 down to the 18U form factor.


IBM TS770 is the Master of Data Protection

It would seem to be obvious that IBM Z data is better protected than distributed data, but there is no “obvious” in data protection.  TS7770 extends the pervasive encryption of data across the IBM Z ecosystem.  Data moving across the operational storage and in to TS7770 as HSM and Archival is secure from creation to curation.  Encryption in flight, at rest and in the cloud, leaves no stone unturned in the data protection schema.  TS7770 also creates the true 3-2-1-1 protection of data across the highly automated Grid Cloud design providing 3 Copies of data stored in at least 2 separate locations with 1 copy off-site and 1 copy off-line.  Outside of the initial establishment of operations and functions, TS7770 operates with near zero manual intervention, and zero manual intervention for security, tiering, and business continuity.


Organizations requiring secure storage behind IBM Z can take advantage of TS7770 #SecOps design to exceed business outcomes. Functionality that leverages all the capabilities and robust features of the TS7770 Grid cloud on-premise, across geographically disbursed locations and off-premise cloud assures secure data.  IBM Z users can be confident that data stored in the TS7770 is secure and will not be compromised.