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IBM Champions take on SHARE Atlanta


If you are a mainframer, you are likely aware of SHARE. We are excited for SHARE Atlanta on March 5-8. There are 28 unique sessions that feature 2023 IBM Champions. Whether you want to learn more about training or rightsizing your mainframe, or go deeper on technical topics like Security, AI, CICS, Ansible and more, there’s a session for you.

You can learn more about the event, and register here

IBM Champion Sessions:

Sunday, March 5

CICS Project Working Session - Ezriel Gross, Glenn Schneck

IMGT Program Opening - Dusty Rivers

STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides): Mainframe Security Beyond ACF2, RACF, and Top Secret - Reg Harbeck

ZOAU (Z Open Automation Utilities) from the Ground Up - Steven Perva

Monday, March 6

Introduction to CICS for the Non-CICS Specialist - Ezriel Gross

Mainframe Systems (IMS,CICS etc) As Clients in the New World - Dusty Rivers

Panel Discussion - Building efficient CICD Pipelines - Best Practices - Armin Kramer

Automated Testing Panel - Armin Kramer

MVSP Project Opening and WSC Hot Topics - Meral Temel

(Lunch and Learn) Unlock the Power of Machine Learning for IBM Z Monitoring - Jim Porell

What If You Had to Quickly Recover an IMS Database, Could You? - Ron Bisceglia

"Drink me" or "Eat me"? Is My Mainframe the Right Size? - Jim Horne

The Definite Guide to PBG to PBR conversion with Db2 v13 - Jørn Thyssen

Fun with Ansible and DB2 - Jørn Thyssen

Tuesday, March 7

Tips for Improving ICF Catalog Resiliency - Janet Sun

Mainframe Performance: An Observability Shootout- Jim Porell

BYOD Lab: IMS Buffet of Labs: Mobile, Open Data, Blockchain, Administration, Performance, Part 1 of 2 - Ron Bisceglia

BYOD Lab: IMS Buffet of Labs: Mobile, Open Data, Blockchain, Administration, Performance, Part 2 of 2 - Ron Bisceglia

Enhancing Observability of Your Mainframe - Kevin Hosozawa

I caused a total outage in production! So can you! - Steven Perva, Michael Fontanetta

Wednesday, March 8

Training, Engaging and Retaining a Modern Mainframe Workforce - Darren Surch

Cyber Resilience in the Real World - Mark Wilson

Efficiently and Consistently Creating Dev/Test Environments for IMS - Ron Bisceglia

Image Building 101 Identifying the Minimal from The Million Things inside an LPAR to Create a Repeatable Image - Armin Kramer

Storage Manager Changes in CICS TS V6.R1 - Ezriel Gross

Go. The newest zSystem Language - Ray Mullins

Tackling and Correcting Some of the Most Common z/OS Storage Management Issues - Mark Jula

Working with Git and DBB, Jenkins, VSCode and Sonarqube at the Mainframe - The story continues … - Armin Kramer

Unlocking Performance Monitoring Data for Analytics via Improved Observability - Jim Porell


Other fun things to do at SHARE:

- Visit the IBM Booth (#135) and take a picture hugging the z16 for
#HugYourMainframeDay on 10/7.

- See how many IBM Champions you can meet (helpful tip, they will have a red ribbon that says IBM Z Champion).  Share your photos on social media and tag #ibmchampion #zsystems.

  • Find me and learn more about IBM zSystems advocacy, how to earn your first advocacy badge, and what it takes to be named an IBM Champion.

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