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ADDI Self Paced Training Course

By Shabbir Moledina posted Mon November 30, 2020 10:28 AM


IBM is proud to announce the addition of a new course to our DevOps Acceleration Program course catalog, the ADDI Essentials course. This course is a self-paced, online course that takes 6 hours to complete. Upon completion, you earn an official Acclaim badge that you can display to show off your achievement. 

This course is designed to provide the audience with an introduction to ADDI, IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence. ADDI is a combination of AD and ADI for cognitive DevOps and continuous modernization for digital transformation. AD, IBM Application Discovery, is used for application understanding and provides visualization of dependencies, flows, usage and impacts. ADI stands for IBM Application Delivery Intelligence. It provides continuous assessment and optimization of application complexity, transaction runtime and test coverage.

The course takes you through a custom designed curriculum, tailored for the working professional. Whether you are being introduced to IBM's Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) product for the first time or looking to gain a working knowledge of the tooling, the ADDI Essentials course is the entry point to starting that journey. 

In addition to the core learning by-way of videos and written materials, there are hands-on workshop scenarios included that allow you to actually put in to practice the concepts you have learned in the course. These workshops are powered by IBM's zTrial technology, a cloud-based platform from which you can explore IBM tech with near-zero footprint on your local machine. 

The course is no-cost-to-you, and being self-paced means that you can take it on your schedule. There are no fixed-time online meetings or calls to attend, you simply complete the course as you have time, when you have time. We understand that in today's world, flexibility is key to continued success and the DevOps Acceleration Team at IBM is happy to be able to provide this knowledge transfer with flexibility. 

The journey doesn't stop after you complete the course. The DevOps Acceleration Program has created a feedback and support forum for use during and after the course. We want to encourage the participants of this course to share knowledge and experience, and feel a sense of community over the course of the learning path and beyond. 

To sign up, simply click here to understand the course objectives and see a high level view of the topics covered. You can also directly launch the course via this link and begin working through the materials. You will be able to learn more about IBM's Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence product, take quizzes to demonstrate your understanding, and ultimately earn the ADDI Essentials badge. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to, and if you would like to learn more about other DevOps Acceleration Program trainings that are available, follow the link below:

 We look forward to awarding your badge for completing the ADDI Essentials course!