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My Tech Journey : Mission Possible

By Saurabh Verma posted Sat December 04, 2021 02:34 PM


Technology is everywhere, we can think of a place where it is available. It also allows us to communicate better with the world, we can now communicate our opinions, our views freely, technology has done so much good that its negative effects are hard to remember; it has continuously improved itself and still has a lot of room for improvement. Without technology, how would we be able to meet our basic needs so easily? Even before the invention of technology, man was able to meet his needs. However, it was difficult and so primitive back then. Look at today’s food – fresh, preserved or processed, food of any type is available at your doorstep just anytime. 

Being a computer science student technology has given me so much that i can't image the day without it, its my future and this is what goes till the end, I have learned a lot, meet a lot of amazing people, came to know about hundreds of opportunites around me. the best being Machine Learnig and AI which has completely changed the world and on which the whole world depend on, I have always love machine learning because it gave me an opportunity to innovate. 

It has been so easy to collaborate with amazing people working on the same goal and always willing to help you figure out where to go with the help of IBM enterprise computing, which I have gained a great deal of knowledge from and will continue to gain. This has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to learn about new tech for free, and provided me with a very big community spread across almost all countries.