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z/OS Academy Badge Program

By Ryan Rawlins posted Wed August 25, 2021 04:32 PM


We are happy to announce the z/OS Academy badge opportunities. Here you can find more information on applying and earning each available badge and who to contact for questions. In general, each badge from either the z/OS Academy or the z/OS DFSMS Academy requires that the earner attend all education sessions and complete the related assessment with a passing grade.

   Foundational level badge

An explorer green badge represents a basic understanding of the topic and serves as foundational knowledge. Explorer badges are most commonly earned by participating in virtual academy events and completing the respective knowledge assessment.


   Intermediate level badge

For those who continue to engage further in the New to Z community, such as by participating in hands-on activities, deeper knowledge dives, mentoring, and networking, there will be opportunities to earn an intermediate maroon badge.


   Advanced level badge

For those willing to present at z/OS and DFSMS academy events to give back their knowledge and experiences to the community, they will become eligible to earn an expert level blue badge. Badge earners will be able to show off their credentials to others in the interest of a representation of their hard work and continued engagement.


For any questions or concerns, please reach out to or