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IBM Z with z/OS Resilience Best Practices Guide

By Robert Abrams posted Fri December 03, 2021 03:46 PM

Cyber-Resilience characteristics delivered by IBM Z are critical to large business enterprises, ensuring that their IT enterprise maintain the highest levels of continuous availability for critical business workloads.  The IBM Z server, built on a resilient foundation that includes hardware, software, firmware, middleware, and cyber-resilience, provides the level of resiliency required for systems of record, not only for core CICS* and IMS* workloads, but also for newer technologies like machine learning and analytics applications, as well as a web infrastructure that supports high transaction rates for 24-7-365 operations.

This document offers best practices for achieving continuous availability and disaster recovery.  Given common requirements stated by many companies to approach or reach (and maintain) business workloads with the highest levels of resilience, the Best Practices information is intended to help all those involved in maintaining consistency and to address your company's IT resilience goals.   


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