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Intelligent application analysis in Wazi to accelerate hybrid cloud application modernization!

IBM Wazi Developer enables cloud native hybrid application development spanning IBM Z and multi-cloud platforms using a standard DevOps toolchain. This empowers developers by providing a consistent and familiar development experience for IBM z/OS. 

Now, Whats new in V1.2 of Wazi Developer?
  • IBM Wazi Developer offers three components: Wazi Code, Wazi Sandbox and Wazi Analyze New!.  
    • With all these components, an application developer can create a developer workspace on OpenShift, provision a Wazi Sandbox instance, get the information about the Wazi Sandbox instance such as the ports and host or IP address, connect to IDE of choice (IBM Wazi Developer for Workspaces, IBM Wazi Developer for Eclipse, IBM Wazi Developer for VS Code), to the Wazi Sandbox instance for development and test. Then, import the application source code from the central Git repository to preferred IDE, discover the relationships among z/OS application artefacts with Wazi Analyze. The issue can now be recreated in the Wazi Sandbox and diagnosed using the IBM Debug for z/OS that is provided in the IDE. Create a new branch to change the code to fix the issue, invoke a user build to execute the process to compile and link the program, deploy the changes to Wazi Sandbox and verify that the issue is resolved. When it's resolved, commit the changes from the IDE, and use the CI/CD pipeline to automatically build, test, qualify and deploy the committed code to the target z/OS system. 
  • Wazi Code:
    •  Includes REXX Language support on all three editors (IBM Wazi Developer for Eclipse, IBM Wazi Developer for VS Code, IBM Wazi Developer for Workspaces)
    •  New Webpage for Z Open Editor 
    •  Others: RSE API Enhancements, User Build Enhancements, Zowe Explorer UI refinements. 
  • Wazi Sandbox:
    • Enhanced image management through APIs is provided to deploy custom sandbox images to Red Hat OpenShift. 
  • Wazi Analyze:  
    •  Enables developers to discover the relationships between the components of their z/OS applications and the impact of potential changes.
  • Licensing Metric Changes New:  
    • 1 Unit of Wazi Developer has the deployment ratio of 5 Wazi Sandbox, 5 Wazi Code or 2 Wazi Analyze. 

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