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Available Now! IBM ZD&T V13.0.1

By RAICHEL Jayakar posted 16 days ago


Available Now! IBM ZD&T V13.0.1

Announcing IBM Z Development and Test Environment (IBM ZD&T) V13.0.1 fix pack. We had so many great ideas for 13.0, we couldn’t fit them all in one release. So today, we are excited to announce the release of 13.0.1 fix pack - which includes new installer and APAR fixes. 

Summary of the fixes:

The following changes are added and defects are fixed in the ZD&T fix pack 13.0.1.

  • New installer: A new installer ZDT_Install_EE_V13.0.1.tgz is available for Enterprise Edition. 
  • Web UI configuration: The following defect about web UI configuration is fixed.
    • When you edited an existing storage server, the existing settings of the storage server were not shown on the web UI.
  • Component creation: The following defects about component creation are fixed.
    • When you created a new CICS component, the CICS groups and load modules that were selected for the previous CICS component were added to the new CICS component to be created.
    • When you created a CICS component from a source environment that was configured with DFHLIST as one of the active lists, the creation failed.
    • When you created a CICS component from a source environment that was configured with DFHLIST as one of the active lists, the error response were not shown on the web UI for you to check and solve the issue.
    • When you stopped a volume or data set extraction in the Eclipse environment, a hanging problem occurred.
    • When you created a CICS component and the validation of the selected data set list failed, the component was still created successfully.
    • When you created a volume component from an existing ZD&T environment, the volume list that was obtained from the devmap and the volume list that was obtained from the API did not match. This issue caused the component creation to be failed.
  • Deployment: The following defects about deployment are fixed.
    • A Linux target environment that runs RHEL 8.1 falsely was treated to be not supported, which caused a deployment to be stuck at the process of installing the required Linux packages during the deployment.
    • The deployment creation time was missing from the API response.
    • Deployment to Client managed Linux target environments failed with an error: User has no root or sudo access, please change the target system settings to bypass the emulator installation.
    • A deployment failed with a devmap problem that showed an error: AWSCHK075E Hexadecimal UNITADD value '100' invalid.
    • The deployment time was missing in the data table of the deployment management page.
  • SFTP issues: The following SFTP  issues are fixed.
    • When you ran an SFTP command, some data in the messages.log was displayed that should not be.
    • When you ran an SFTP command to call zDTMainframeSFTP.jar, the data was not enclosed in the single quotation mark, which caused the command execution to be broken.
  • Security enhancements: The following security issues are fixed.
    • The certificate fingerprint checks could be bypassed under certain circumstances due to a flaw in the CertPath implementation. The fix ensures that the certificate fingerprint checks cannot be bypassed in this way.
    • An unauthenticated attacker might be able to obtain the sensitive information due to an unspecified vulnerability that is related to the JSSE component in the Java SE. This defect caused a low confidentiality impact from unknown attack vectors.
    • Hibernate Validator, which is used by WebSphere Application Server Liberty, could allow a remote attacker to bypass security restrictions. For more information, see Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in Hibernate Validator affects WebSphere Application Server Liberty (CVE-2020-10693).

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