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zNewsletter Jan2023

By Radojka Meznerić posted Fri February 03, 2023 05:59 AM


Welcome to the 2023! New objectives, expectations, challenges, wishes, hopes, excitements… Wishing all our clients and partners a year of prosperity, success, happiness. Thank you for trusting us.
The 'motto' of this year is "Don't hesitate. Be relentless."
Relentless in your pursuit of quality, your technical ability, learning new stuff, getting information. Be relentless and join our "IBM Z and LinuxONE MEA community" today and start discussion, explore your network, expend your skills – get more social active with your colleagues, clients, partners.
To support you in relentless work, IBM Middle East and Africa zSystems & LinuxONE Technical team is very excited to share with you the first issue of our "zNewsletter" – January 2023 edition.
This newsletter is designed to give you information about solutions on our platform, relevant announcements, upcoming events, or webinars, promote new or updated Redbooks. You can also find resources to explore more information on some questions such as: What are the new IBM z16 features that will help protect and secure data in the future? Do you want to know more about Hybrid Cloud with IBM zSystems? Why the latest IT Trends lead back to the IBM zSystems? Who are the clients using IBM LinuxONE in the most innovative ways?
zNewsletter will be issued on a monthly base to keep you up to date with the IBM zSystems and LinuxONE news as well as to offer interesting reading.
And by the way, do you know that IBM mainframes produced since 1952? Yet, it was in 1964 when IBM began what many would consider the first true series of mainframes, the "IBM System 360". IBM at the time said the "System 360" includes in its central processors 19 combinations of graduated speed and memory capacity!
Be relentless, we welcome your comments in our "IBM Z and LinuxONE MEA community"