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Why I'm joining the IBM zSystems GSH?

By Rachel Head posted 8 days ago


Welcome to all new members OR welcome back to those have already joined the hub for a while now. The IBM zSystems Global Student Hub is 'For students wanting to explore careers in enterprise computing & prepare for the future of work'.

According to David Warlick, "We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world."

  1. What do you think about what David said?
  2. What could you gain from being part of this Global Student Hub Community?
We will announce a prize winner at the end of the summer to those that answer!


2 days ago

Being a part of the IBMZ Global community excites me! The various opportunities to interact with the youth from across the globe, understanding the various perspectives one has towards a problem and most of all engaging in conversations of how technology can make the difference! 

This community gives me a sense of belonging in the digital world with new technology popping up every other day. Networking skills and communication skills are now key in gaining opportunities and experiences. This IBM community and the various youth involved in this program will indeed have a positive impact on me. I can’t wait to learn more, engage with everyone, understand perspectives and brainstorm for ideas! My main aim is to understand the systems and the technology which is developed and I want to help make use of it to bring a change!

2 days ago

As we have now moved into a post-pandemic era. The Digital world has evolved and has become a part of our day-to-day life. Starting my day without looking up the news in the morning or not staying active on social media handles for various projects seems horrendous. 

Technology is a broad term with varied spectrums. I believe technology is a boon to mankind with whom lies the responsibility of using it for the betterment of humanity. Technology uses various techniques of visual, audible and touch(VR) to convey a message or imbibe knowledge to the person which makes learning easy and holistic for a person.

Using technology as a teaching aid makes the future generations and the present ( to an extent) more adaptable, higher IQ and better understanding capabilities. The various advantages of using technology weigh and improve the overall development of a student. Being a current student enrolled at a university, most of my assignments and coursework are done through online platforms. I have various resources online through which I am able to study and research to make my point. Technology has made the education system more holistic and adaptable.

Technology for the underprivileged is indeed a luxury in various countries. India’s poverty rate was at 21.6% but has reduced to 13.4% over the recent years. These recent years, through digital marketing by the government and proper utilization of technology in various sectors. We have been able to bring necessary technology to the rural areas. The usage of technology to develop rural areas and help the underprivileged is in the government's hand and can be made accessible to the poor as well.

We look at the world through technology. I agree with Mr.David Warlick, we look at a country or a nation according to their current economy, current issues and technology compliments our knowledge in learning about the whole world. The present generations indeed use technology like a pen and paper. This leads to the betterment of mankind as a whole 

4 days ago

It is undoubtedly that technology has been helping in advancing the work of almost every area of human lives. In the education sector, it can serve students especially in rural areas to access more resourceful materials and for a better learning experience. 

Based on my perspective, as we let the penetration of technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, that would be great but I have to say that it will only be for those who are privileged. 

Here is the reason. In Indonesia there are still many schools located in the rural areas which still require support in terms of constructions and human development. In some places in my region, some students had to climb trees to gain better internet connection. Both students and teachers also need support regarding electricity and human development regarding how to use technology.

It is still expensive to afford the technology for people in the rural areas than in the city centre.

At the end I must say that the idea to substitute the pen and paper with technology is quite not suit with the condition in the rural areas in Indonesia. We need to adjust our approach based on the places and the conditions because I think the technology would always be reached by certain people who have the privilege to afford it. And now, we can also think about how to make technology more accessible especially to people in the rural areas.

Being part of the Global Student Hub Community will enable me to gain more opportunities to learn and expand my soft skills and hard skills, and also expand my networking which can help me strive in this digital era.

7 days ago

Technology offers a mobile chance for students and teachers to travel and experience the world virtually. It is a window of opportunity that eases learning through interactive icons. 

Being part of the Global student hub, will enable me to build the skills needed to impact the world in every aspect. It will allow me to experience different global settings at the touch of a button.

7 days ago

It's great to hear about this initiative by IBM zSystems Global Student Hub.

The skills that students learn from school have evolved rapidly in recent years, especially in the area of open-source technologies. Our clients are saying the same, that they must evolve and adopt modern technologies with larger talent pool in order to quickly address their business needs.

Many students do not know and some are even skeptical that there are new innovations and open-source advancement happening in IBM zSystems, so we must be great evangelists. A gradual shift while working with design is the emergence of a developer persona from non-z platform (vs. z-only personas) so we can better address the need in that space as that persona is engaged with the platform. I see this persona is closely related to the academia.