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How COVID-19 will affect MTM-2020?

By Prithiraj Nandan posted Mon May 11, 2020 04:13 AM

We all know the current situation and it had been pretty tough for all of us. First of all I would like to thank IBM and its lovely Community for continuing their educational programs through different webinars (Quick Note: Please try attend the webinars they are very helpful, webinars are held every week).

So now back to the topic, How COVID-19 will affect MTM-2020? As we know that every year IBM organise their marvellous tech event called, Master The Mainframe(MtM). But, this year, we are facing the terror of COVID-19, so will the event will go on as usual or there will be some delays, etc. I know that this event is online i.e. all the participants can participate from their home so that will not be a problem but the people who organise this competition may face some problems. 

I would really like to hear what are your thought about this.

Lastly, Stay Home! Stay Safe! and obviously keep learning (because the show must go on!☺✌).