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New z/OS 2.5 DFSMS Enhancements Announced!

By Pat Choi posted Tue August 03, 2021 11:35 AM

The following Catalog and IDCAMS enhancements are delivered with z/OS 2.5 (see US announcement letter):
  • IDCAMS DIAGNOSE function is enhanced to check catalog entries for the rename-in-progress bits, and if they are on, write a message including the entry name and the issue. This alerts the installation to a circumstance that could result in job failures.
  • The Catalog Address Space (CAS) RESTART function is enhanced to change the master catalog during a CAS RESTART. Previously, the master catalog could only be changed at IPL.
  • The Catalog MODIFY command is enhanced to enable comments following the command parameters when preceded by a blank.
  • The IDCAMS DELETE MASK function is enhanced to include two new parameters, TEST and EXCLUDE. The TEST parameter is provided to enable DELETE MASK to return all the objects that would have been deleted if the TEST parameter had not been specified. The EXCLUDE parameter enables a subset of data sets that match the MASK filter to be excluded from those being deleted.
  • The IDCAMS DEFINE MODEL parameter support is enhanced to model the KEYLABEL parameter.
  • The IDCAMS REPRO support is enhanced to move its I/O buffers above the line. This helps to avoid 878 (insufficient space) abnormal ends (abends).