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How technology has shaped my life? | Paola Medrano (IBM Z AMBASSADOR)

By Paola Cinthia Medrano Pizarrozo posted Mon October 25, 2021 10:23 AM

During these last years technology has changed my life completely, since I was very young I felt a certain curiosity about how things worked. For example, today we have computers so I am passionate about investigating how it works from the circuits, pixels to memory capacity from different perspectives.

For a long time, I was looking at new technologies such as Li-fi, which is a technology that through LED light can transmit information, I really started to think about what I can do with the technology I have at my fingertips and be able to invent something new or discover something new.

This year I decided to focus on a technology that I am passionate about in order to obtain knowledge results and contribute to my society. That is why my goal is to be part of IBM Z's ambassador.
I am studying network and telecommunications engineering and at the same time a degree in physics both careers allow me to see that world that I am passionate about from how all matter works until we have something physical in the cloud on the internet.

What are my next steps?

Being part of IBM Z ambassador although many concepts I knew around IBM enterprise computing, many are new to me like the impact of IBM in this area.
I am definitely passionate about this field of technology because I want to specialize in cloud structure with artificial intelligence.
Technology for me is never to learn and be amazed by what you can do by applying different concepts, I am excited to learn a lot more and learn more about IBM enterprise computing.