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  • IBM HACP Extended Edition is a plugin-free, web-based terminal emulator. Unlike IBM Host On-Demand, HACP EE does not download any binaries that run on the client machine.
  • HACP EE reads the existing session definitions from the Host On-Demand server and allows users to connect to their System Z and System I host through an HTML5 compatible browser.
  • HACP EE runs on an application server and provides the end-users with a web-based interface to access the pre-configured HOD sessions and connect to the host systems.
  • It can fetch 3270/5250 display session configurations from both HTML-based model, combined-based model, and configuration server-based model pages of Host On-Demand.
  • From version 2.0, HACPEE provides a feature called HOST FILE PRINTING.
  • HACP EE 2.1 version provides a new enhancement called Customized path. The printed files in HACP EE 2.1 can be saved to a custom path, from which they are not lost even after a session is terminated.
  • Printed files will be saved in application server location (or) customized path with named based on printer LUName/printer WorkstationID/Directory name/ display LUName/display printerWorkstationID/ display session name.
Procedure to print file in customized path:

  1. Create an HMTL page in Deployment wizard with Display and Printer sessions.
  2. Associate printer session with Display Session,
  • In 3270 Display session, properties -> Associated Printer -> Associated Printer Session: Choose printer session from the dropdown.   

                         Figure 1: Printer session association with Display session
  1. Create a custom folder in the HOD installation location.
  2. Add the custom folder path in web.properties file
  • Open properties file, which is under private sub directory.
  • Add the custom path in properties file in the printFileLocation property.

Web.properties file:

isStatusBarEditableByAdmin= false




printFileLocation=C:\Program Files\ibm\HostOnDemand\HOD\Printing\

  1. Save the web.propertiesfile and place this file in HOD publish directory.
  2. Restart the Host-On-Demand Service Manager.

     7.Clear browser cache from settings.

  1. Access the HACPEE page using below URL:


                           Figure 2: Accessing HACPEE Page

9.Go to properties panel.

                                                 Figure 3: Properties Panel


10.If we associate Printer Session with Display Session in Deployment wizard, the Enable Printer Session option gets enabled automatically.

                          Figure 4: Enabling Printer Session

11.Give Display Luname in General Tab and Printer Luname in Associated Printer Tab in the properties panel and save those changes.

                                            Figure 5:Giving Display LUNAME

                                               Figure 6: Giving Printer LUNAME


  1. Start the session.
  2. Execute printing commands in mainframe (for 3270 Display-z series).
  3. By enabling Enable Printer Session option in Associated Printer Tab, the view Print Jobs option gets enabled in the mainframe.

                                                Figure 7:View Print Jobs

15.Click on View Print Jobs to see the printed spl files.

                                             Figure 8: Printed Files

  1. If we give customized path then we can see the file in given path.

                                   Figure 9:Spl files printed in Customized Path

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