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On the Move: Data Migration from VSAM to Db2

By Nina Mirski-Fitton posted Thu October 15, 2020 08:54 AM


Accelerate and simplify data migration from VSAM to Db2 without the need for costly and complex application rewrites, with CICS VSAM Transparency for z/OS.

Why would you want to move data to Db2?

Data is valuable, and it’s important to maximise this value and keep up with business requirements. Db2 tables can help to extract more value from CICS and batch data, through ad hoc queries, data analysis and 24/7 availability. Migrating data from VSAM to Db2 also allows integration with new applications that already are Db2-based (such as Web Application Server apps) and makes it easier to integrate with visual information, such as charts, graphs, or executive dashboards whilst avoiding data-synchronization issues. 

The process of migrating CICS data from virtual storage access method (VSAM) can be risky and costly, but CICS VSAM Transparency removes the risk, lengthy time scales and labour-intensive processes. 

Common problems when migrating data:

I don’t have the source code!

Many solutions rely on source code, which is often missing and increases the complexity of the migration. But unlike some migration tools, with CICS VSAM Transparency it doesn’t matter if the source code for your applications is incomplete, or even missing altogether – CICS VSAM Transparency has no reliance on the source code at all (so even if you do have the source code, you can still benefit from the reduced time and risk that CICS VSAM Transparency brings!).

I can’t afford to take the risk of rewriting applications

In addition to being a costly undertaking, it’s true that there are risks involved with migrating data to Db2. CICS VSAM Transparency makes no changes to your source code, programs, or applications, thereby eliminating the risk of business logic errors (as well as saving you time!). You also have full control over which files are migrated when, removing the risks incurred by huge ‘all at once’ migrations.


I don’t have the resources (time or manpower!) for extensive testing

There’s no doubt that migrating data can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming exercise, and that there may be cost constraints involved with migrating the data or re-writing CICS and Batch applications to access the Db2 data. But because CICS VSAM Transparency removes the need to rewrite applications, it saves both the labor cost of the initial rewrite and the need for lengthy reprogramming and program testing at the end of the migration. Manual migrations could take you years, but migrations using CICS VSAM Transparency can take months, or even weeks, depending on the number and size of applications involved.

I don’t want to move everything (yet… or at all!)

With CICS VSAM Transparency, you can choose which files to migrate and when you want to migrate them – there’s no need for large, complex ‘all at once’ migrations. You can move all of your files over a period of time, or just move a select few and then stop – it’s all up to you.

I have a question or concern that isn’t listed here

Get in touch to find out how CICS VSAM Transparency for z/OS could address any outstanding questions or concerns you might have.

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