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IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM Now Monitors Open API Specification V3 APIs!



IBM z/OS Connect on z/OS supports both Open API Specification 2 (OpenAPI 2) and OpenAPI 3 APIs.   IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM V5.5. and 6.1 now support monitoring for OpenAPI 3 APIs with z/OS Connect V3.0.74.


OpenAPI 2, formerly known as Swagger describes REST APIs in a Swagger document which makes it easy for software and developers to read. The Open  API Specification V3.0.0 was later released to improve reusability of components. For z/OS Connect this also meant a change in packaging of APIs from API archive  files (.aar)  and service archive files (.sar) to adopt a micro-service architecture using web application archive files (.war). New tooling in z/OS Connect Designer now allows creation of OpenAPI 3 APIs. The z/OS Connect server supports OpenAPI 3 APIs with a new feature definition in the <featureManager> section of the server.xml file.


This feature is mutually exclusive with the zosConnect-2.0 feature which supports OpenAPI 2 API, meaning you can only run OpenAPI 3 APIs in a server configured with the 3.0 feature.

To provide monitoring of OpenAPI 3 APIs using interceptors, z/OS Connect has introduced another new feature. To monitor OpenAPI 3 APIs with OMEGAMON for JVM add this element to the <featureManager> section of the server.xml file:


The OMEGAMON for JVM API monitoring feature must also be added to the <featureManager> section:


The OMEGAMON for JVM monitoring interceptor is installed using a script in the ITM runtime environment (RTE) directory, for example


and enabled in the server.xml for a server using elements:

<omegamon-3_omegamonRequestMonitor-3.0 id="omegamonInterceptor-3.0" />

<zosconnect_zosConnectInterceptors id="list1" interceptorRef="omegamonInterceptor-3.0" />

You will also need to define the OMEGAMON interceptor as a monitoring interceptor using the element

<zosconnect_monitoring apiProviderInterceptorsRef="list1" />

Finally you must create a DASD-only log stream which is used to store API metrics. See the IBM documentation for OMEGAMON for JVM for detailed information.

When the server is restarted, you should see a message similar to the one below indicating the OMEGAMON for JVM interceptor is enabled:

[err] 23/11/08 12:12:39.059 [KJJ_ExtendedInterceptor_3] J KJJZC0001I KJJ_ExtendedInterceptor_3 activated, sequence="1". Level=OA65632   

Interceptors for near real-time monitoring and SMF123 records for OpenAPI 3 APIs are available with z/OS Connect V 3.0.74 (APAR PH56974).

For OpenAPI 3 support in IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, 5.5 you must install PTF UJ93890.  IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for JVM, 6.1  requires PTF UJ94007.

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