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IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM V5.5.0 Gets a Performance Boost

CPU utilization of the OMEGAMON for JVM Collector is proportional to the number of monitored JVMs that are connected. The cross-memory transport protocol has always used an XML transform for internal communication. Until now.
With PTF UJ08010 the JVM to Collector transport now uses binary serialized objects, eliminating XML parsing from the Collector. The binary transform objects are also considerably smaller. This results in lower CPU utilization and a smaller memory footprint both for the Collector and for monitored JVMs.  Most customers should see a reduction in the CPU utilization of the OMEGAMON for JVM Collector - especially those with large numbers of monitored JVMs.

Customers do not have to take any action to reap the benefits of this enhancement, except to update the Run Time Environment (RTE) in USS using PARMGEN or the IBM Z Configuration Manager.   Don't worry if you can't migrate all of your JVM agents to the new version right away - the Collector automatically determines which protocol is being used and will handle both for the foreseeable future.

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