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Correlating z/OS Connect EE APIs with CICS Transactions using OMEGAMON for JVM and OMEGAMON for CICS


A much-valued feature of IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 is z/OS Connect EE API monitoring and its ability to identify the backend service provider application; transaction and/or program name. Using an OMEGAMON-supplied interceptor, every API call made to z/OS Connect EE is recorded in a z/OS log stream with every detail of the request. This not only includes the name of the service provider and the System of Record (SoR) application and program, but it also returns the amount of time spent in the system of record application versus the time spent in z/OS Connect EE.

In June 2021, PTF UJ05799 for OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 was released. With this maintenance applied, customers with both OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 and OMEGAMON for CICS, V550 can now see the CICS transaction detail data from OMEGAMON CICS together with the z/OS Connect EE API detail that executed it -- in the same e3270UI workspace.

Using the correlator passed by z/OS Connect EE to CICS in the association block together with other contextual information, OMEGAMON for CICS locates the SoR CICS system LPAR and job name and displays the corresponding transaction data from the OMEGAMON CICS transaction history.

Figure 1. Shows an example of the new workspace contents.

Figure 1: Correlating CICS transaction detail for an API shown in OMEGAMON for JVM

From here, users can further investigate the cause of poor response time that is associated with a CICS SoR application by following the links highlighted in white in the e3270UI. This link invokes the OMEGAMON CICS workspaces from transaction history for further analysis

Figure 2: CICS transaction timings

In this case the 10.0126 second response time can be attributed to the 10 second interval control wait we synthesized in our CICS transaction for testing!

CICS transaction information is also shown for real-time, inflight requests:



The IBM Z OMEGAMON suite of products provides simple, intuitive integrated monitoring for complex, composite applications that span z/OS Connect EE, CICS, MQ, DB2, and IMS.


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