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By Nayab Zahra posted Wed October 13, 2021 02:17 AM


I am a student of STEM currently doing double bachelors. I have availed 89 academic certifications in different fields particularly in STEM.

My 2020 research in STEM includes,

IoT Botnet Attacks Detection

Web Server Attack Detection using Machine Learning

Intermittent Computing with Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling

Cluster Analysis and Statistical Modeling: A machine learning based approach for Packet Inspection

Since January 2021 I am working with IBM Z as an ambassador.

On April 2020 I was selected by ICYF and worked with OIC to design post Covid Normal with UNDP and Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar. My project was based on SDG 17. My activities are based on research and innovating new ideas, I want to give back a lot to my parents and most importantly my country Pakistan simply on merit basis. I want to create a powerful and positive impact for us and our future generation as well. I started creating projects at the age of 12 and now formed more than 49 projects which will soon be executed on merit basis through my education and skills. I am working towards human development which I believe is important to make world a better place for all.

 I am MOIC ambassador which focuses on uplifting the future world leaders. I was official delegate from Pakistan for Asia pacific millennials conference (APMC) Malaysia 2019. I am students for liberty (SFL) ambassador of leadership from Pakistan. I am delegate for comfort MUN women 2.0 and have worked constructed position paper and prime directives in order to pass resolution of Russian federation regarding Covid-19. In 2019 I was in commonwealth open source leadership model. In July 2020 I was delegate and panel speaker for Young Minds for Good Stewardship, Community and Peace Building (YMGCP). I am ambassador of Human Project and previously worked on human project 2019 learning her story program which was based on providing solution for the eradication of child labor and abuse. This information is not put for validation but to let me put forth the idea that I value every opportunity that comes at my way and if not I let it build myself even at the time of crises. This opportunity will help me galvanize and pave path for youth in different ways. The main impression is to not put pessimism but to solve the riddles and wearisome problems of our time. I, for my own part, think that looking at culminating time is not enough. We are ahead as a progressed environs and cheerfully celebrate the advancement in the form of technological interventions, surgical cures, some miracle from ecology, investigational tools its admirable what we can do but those successes blind us to the failures. My interest is based upon creating value to those attributions which are vital for human development. Pursuing objectivity and practical applications in the area of job creation, infrastructure and social development in order to make a progressive economic stability not just in Pakistan but around the world.