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Lafya Healthshare a new platform is on its way to being the largest social network for healthcare in Africa

By Nanlir Kapnan posted Thu May 13, 2021 04:56 PM


About Lafya Healthshare

Lafya Health-share is a healthcare cost sharing platform that enables you to pay for your medical bills by splitting them with other people within your network. Our company cuts across all the major industries in Nigeria and is working to be the largest social network for health care and services in Africa. This new platform is on its way to being the largest social network for healthcare in Africa.


Over 180 million Nigerians currently spend out of pocket funds caring for their medical bills and sometimes that leaves them in a very difficult financial position. If you expand the number to include Sub-Saharan Africa, you’d find that an estimated 800 million people are at the risk of being thrown into poverty if forced to have surgery. If this continues to happen with low income earners, the personal and financial health of these people will be at grave risk and they will always be battling to survive. This problem is what Lafya is trying to solve for the millions of people who are at loss of what to do when faced with a complex medical condition.


We are trying to build a medical bill splitting system where Africans split their medical bills with different friends, families, community networks, and people around them. We want to reduce the burden of people who live from paycheck-to-paycheck from paying for their medical bills alone. This is an innovative way of paying for healthcare expenses and this ideology is based on a higher reward for saving money when sharing with other members on the platform.

Lafya is charting a pathway to building the next social network for healthcare and services.

Digital Transformation

While building our solution, one of our first priorities is the security of our system and our customer data. Our database needs to have bank-grade security or even better. To achieve this, we are leveraging the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect services that are made possible with the IBM LinuxONE server. We secure our workloads using Hyper Protect Crypto services and Hyper Protect DBaaS to manage our database. We are also using IBM Cloud Kubernetes managed service to run our frontend.

These tools have given us the confidence we need when it comes to data protection, privacy, and security and going above and beyond for our customers.

Solution Components

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect- DBaaS

Hyper Protect Crypto Services

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